The Academy is focused on examining public policy via the Internet.

1.  Post-Soviet Countries.  The Academy was founded in 1987 when enormous changes were occurring in countries in Eastern Europe. Much has changed since 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, and Dr. Richard Rahn has travelled throughout the former Soviet Union in order to report on changes that have occurred. Here is a documentary Dr. Rahn produced about the former Soviet Republic of Estonia.

On June 13, the Academy Webcast a presentation that traces how Poland is attempting to recover from domination by the former Soviet Union. You may access Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz‘ presentation titled “Losing My Country Twice and Finding it Once” at the American Academy of Distance Learning’s YouTube channel.  Even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, communist parties in Poland negotiated access to power by representatives of Solidarity. In the ensuing thirty years, non-communist parties struggled to recover from Poland’s centralized state by selling state companies to the private sector, establishing several parties to replace former communist parties, and electing a series of Parliaments and Polish presidents.

2. Webcasts: By means of Internet delivered Webcasts, the Academy provides a public space for discussion of important subjects. Here are links to previous Webcasts.

Teaching History of Western Civilization

A seminar on the domination of American higher education by the Left. This seminar featured the Academy’s President, Dr. Richard Bishirjian, and the President of the National Association of scholars, Dr. Peter Wood.

Three presentations on the theme “Loss of Country.” These presentations may be accessed on YouTube.com by going to “American Academy of Distance Learning.”

3. A Nation at Risk: The Academy has prepared for publication a sequel to the 1983 study of education titled “A Nation at Risk.” The original study focused on K-12 education. This sequel focuses on higher education.

4.  Recorded Lectures: Some three hundred lectures were recorded by “Founding Faculty” of Yorktown University and experts who participated at university events. We have posted representative recordings from that Archive.

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