Conscience and Power

Conscience and Power: The Contest for Civilization in the West In this book, Dr. Richard Bishirjian examines how “the West” was reshaped after the fall of the Roman Empire and how the civilization that arose has grappled with our desire for justice and the necessities of power and political control. Conscience and Power examines how … Continue reading “Conscience and Power”

Books, Essays and Reviews

PUBLICATIONS by DR. RICHARD BISHIRJIAN Book:              Ennobling Encounters, En Route Books, 2021. Novel:             “Coda” En Route Books, August 2021. Book:              Rise and Fall of the American Empire. Completion: November 2021 Book:              Conscience and Power. Completion Date: November 2021. Essay:             Prelude to Civil War: Francis Graham Wilson on Spain, Modern Age, Spring 2019, pp. 36-41. Review:           Harry … Continue reading “Books, Essays and Reviews”

Dr. Richard Bishirjian, CV

March 2022 Richard J. Bishirjian, Ph.D. 9466 Bay Front Drive, Norfolk, VA 23518 Telephone:  o) 757 639  0470 Email: EDUCATION ●Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, Department of Government, 1972. ●B.A., University of Pittsburgh, Political Science, August, 1964.  ●Columbia University, Southern Asia Institute, Sabbatical Leave, 1979-80. ●London School of Economics, dissertation research, 1968-69.  ●North Miami … Continue reading “Dr. Richard Bishirjian, CV”

“First Europe”

The great question we who are faithful Christians today must ask is whether Christendom, embodied in our consciousness of the philosophical and theological experience of the West from ancient Israel to the Christian Gospels, continues to shape the nations and culture of the West today. And, if not, does that loss of consciousness contribute to … Continue reading ““First Europe””


I am indebted to Dr. James Hannam, author of God’s Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science, for reading my chapter on the Middle Ages and giving me the benefit of his vast knowledge of the Medieval era. I am obliged also to thank the following for publishing chapters of Conscience … Continue reading “Acknowledgments”

This is Dick Bishirjian

“Dick Bishirjian has taken a good long look at contemporary America and figured out what’s gone wrong with it: too many of those it honors with the title “educator” have been using the skulls of their charges as toxic waste dumps. A true educator, Dick has spent most of his career trying to clean them … Continue reading “This is Dick Bishirjian”

Novels by Conservatives Keating.  Pastor Stephen Grant Novels Stephen Grant, pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on Long Island, former Navy SEAL and onetime CIA operative, came on the thriller/mystery scene in Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel. During 14 books in the series (Past Lives (2021), Vatican Shadows (2020), The Traitor (2019), Deep Rough (2019), … Continue reading “Novels by Conservatives”

Liberal Education

Welcome to “Liberal Education” The history, philosophy and theological truths of Western Civilization are at the center of a Liberal Education. Spelled out, here is what that means Ancient Israel That which binds us in the West to ancient Israel is our experience of God’s intervention in history. That experience has been lost, except among … Continue reading “Liberal Education”

Book Proposal: The Conservative Rout

BOOK PROPOSAL The Conservative Rout  by Richard J. Bishirjian Audience: The reading public, Liberal and Conservative, teachers and college professors. Competition: Sam Tanenhaus, The Death of Conservatism (Random House, 2009). Corey Robin, The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Donald Trump (Oxford, 2011) Gianno Caldwell, Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans … Continue reading “Book Proposal: The Conservative Rout”