The American Way of Doing Business


The high cost of a college education and spiraling tuition debt is pushing many students into choosing lower cost community colleges, enrolling in certificate programs or waiting for economic conditions and employment opportunities to return. Many would like to start their own business.

For that reason, the Academy has developed a series of six courses in  “The American Way of Doing Business.”  This is a series of six courses in the fundamentals of doing business “the American way.”  There is a distinct and unique way of business enterprise in America that has been shaped by our religious, political and economic culture and the freedoms we enjoy.

Here is a list of six Internet delivered courses that we have developed and that we propose to convert into low cost MOOCs.

The American Way of Doing Business

Econ100 Microeconomics $29.95
Bus204 Introduction to Entrepreneurship $29.95
Bus302 Introduction to Marketing $29.95
Bus310 Growing and Managing a Small Business $29.95
Bus333 Negotiation Strategies $29.95
Bus200 Entrepreneurial History of the U.S $29.95

Each course offers full access to course content and a free, custom designed, textbook.

College graduates, or recent high school graduates, can complete a Certificate  consisting of six courses in “The American Way of Doing Business” series for $239. Successful completion of six courses is awarded with a “Badge” that may be placed on a CV or employment résumé. And companies may choose to require that their employees complete one or more courses in this series.