Archive of Lectures and Discussions

Steve Moore, economist and founder of the Club for Growth, gave a presentation on Supply-Side Economics at a day-long seminar organized by Yorktown University at “FreedomFest.” He is introduced by economist Richard Rahn.

Dr. Steve Entin on History of the Reagan Tax Cuts.

Dr. Gerald Gunderson, Bus200, Entrepreneurial History of the United States.

Dr. Eugene Heath on “Virtue and Business.”

Dr. Mark Skousen on “Say’s Law”

Dr. Lewis G. Pringle is a marketing professional who served as Director of Research Services at BBDO Worldwide, a 15,000 person enterprise with 289 agencies across 81 countries. Later in his career at BBDO, Dr. Pringle was named Chairman/CEO of BBDO Europe and, from his base in the U.K., assumed responsibility for BBDO’s interests in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Dr. Pringle numbers among his accomplishments that, during the era of glasnost, he brought BBDO to the Soviet Union, where it became a pioneer in the integration of modern Russia with the rest of the developed world. In this interview, Dr. Pringle describes his work in survey research and management of BBDO.

Dr. Louis Gasper, Econ202, Money and Banking, “Risk in Financial Markets.”

Dr. Thomas Landess, Bus300, Writing as a Small Business, “Writing Speeches.”

Dr. Thomas Landess was a literary critic, essayist, University Dean and Reagan Administration appointee in the U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Landess earned a Ph.D. at the University of South Carolina and two degrees from Vanderbilt. He was Academic Dean at the University of Dallas in the early years of the graduate Department of Politics.

George Gilder is a public intellectual, author and entrepreneur. His 1975 book, Sexual Suicide, established Gilder as a critic of feminism. That was followed in 1981 by Wealth and Poverty that expanded public understanding of supply-side economics. Other important works published by George Gilder are Knowledge and Power, Microcosm and Life After Google.  In 2009, George Gilder gave a presentation organized by Yorktown University at FreedomFest on Supply-side Economics. His topic is the impact of information theory and technology in the modern era.

Dr. Randall Balmer is Professor of Religion at Dartmouth. He earned the B.A. in History from Trinity College, the M.A. in Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and the M.A. and Ph.D. in Religion from Princeton. In this lecture, Dr. Balmer discusses the first “Great Awakening.”

William Miller received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy, with a minor in English literature, from Gettysburg College. He subsequently went to Notre Dame where he was a student of Gerhart Niemeyer and Charles Rice and received his doctorate in  Government and International Studies and his law degree. In  this lecture from his course on “Modern Ideology,” Dr. Miller introduces his subject and explains the importance of understanding the nature of modern ideology and millenarian ideology.

Introduction to Modern Ideology