Certificate in Entrepreneurship the American Way

Entrepreneurship the American Way

The high cost of a college education is pushing many students to start their own businesses.

For that reason, the Academy has developed a series of five courses in “Entrepreneurship The American Way.”  There is a distinct and unique way of business enterprise in America that has been shaped by religious, political and economic culture and the freedoms protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Econ101   Supply-side Economics

Bus200    Entrepreneurial History

Bus204    Intro to Entrepreneurship

Bus302    Introduction to Marketing

Bus333    Negotiation Strategies

College graduates, or recent high school graduates, are invited to complete a Certificate consisting of five courses in “Entrepreneurship the American Way.” And companies may want to offer their employees free access to one or more courses in this series. Students successfully completing six courses are awarded a Gold “Badge” that may be placed on Facebook or Linked-In.