Certificate in Free Market Capitalism


Many privately-held companies are owned and operated by familiers who appreciate freedom and would like to give preference to prospective employees who successfully demonstrate that they know that entrepreneurs thrive in the freedom to create markets, that low taxes encourage economic growth, and that lowering regulatory barriers creates economic opportunity.

American Academy of Distance Learning has  developed a college level  Certificate Program in Free Market Capitalism featured with lectures by premier scholars in the field:

Econ100               Microeconomics (Mark Skousen)

Econ101                Supply-side Economics (Steven Entin)

Econ105               History of Economic Thought (William Luckey)

Bus200                Entrepreneurial History of the U. S. (Gerald Gunderson)

Designed without instructor engagement and offered on a not-for-credit basis, these courses were developed for learning at a distance and are now capable of being offered at low cost using new, high tech, course learning management systems.

These courses will be marketed to the many successful family-owned businesses in the United States as a way of introducing their employees to the values that made their entrepreneurial enterprises successful. The public is also invited to join employees who successfully complete four courses to earn a Badge. Badges may be displayed on personal Facebook pages.