Dr. Richard Bishirjian, CV

March 2022

Richard J. Bishirjian, Ph.D.

9466 Bay Front Drive, Norfolk, VA 23518

Telephone:  o) 757 639  0470

Email: rjb@academydl.com


●Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, Department of Government, 1972.

●B.A., University of Pittsburgh, Political Science, August, 1964.

 ●Columbia University, Southern Asia Institute, Sabbatical Leave, 1979-80.

●London School of Economics, dissertation research, 1968-69.

 ●North Miami High School, 1960


●President, American Academy of Distance Learning., 1987- present

Non-profit education organization recognize as tax exempt–501(c)3–policy organization. Formed in support of educational efforts in Prague and Warsaw prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall for a German state university. Recently conducted Webcasts on the theme “Loss of Country.”


●President, Yorktown University, December 1999-June 2016 

Founded and Financed by investments from Accredited Investors the creation of a for-profit Internet liberal arts University, obtained necessary state approvals, recruited Faculty, and developed and attained accreditation for eleven degree and certificate programs.  Managed Internet University from startup to national accreditation and raised four million dollars to finance this venture. History of  this University published in 2017.

● Associate Director, Boston University College of Communication, 1987-89.

 Directed a successful effort by Boston University College of Communication, to obtain  major federal  funding for development of values based sex education curriculum for  middle school students. In 1988 I obtained private funding for formation and support of a Washington, D.C. office. Established and managed College of Communication’s Washington,   D.C., office and its Institute for Democratic Communication; marketed continuing education programs and seminars for government officials, business executives and CPAs in the metro Washington, DC area.

●Professor, Yorktown University, Department of Government, 2000-2016. 

●Associate Professor of Political Science, College of New Rochelle, Department of Political Science, 1978-82 [on leave for government service 1981-83]. Served two terms as Department Chairman.

●Assistant Professor of Political Science, College of New Rochelle, Department of Political Science, 1972-78.

●Assistant Professor of Politics, University of Dallas, 1969-72.


●President, CMP International Consulting, Inc, 1989-1992: 1993-2016

Founded in 1983, CMP International Consulting, Inc. was a family-owned company organized to conduct consulting assignments, paid public speaking and publishing work. As President of CMP International, from 1989 [on leave for government service 1992] to 2016, CMP International developed projects financed at $52.6 million. 

Dr. Bishirjian’s first international assignment in 1987 was to conduct the first American-style direct mail fundraising for a German state university in Germany. On assignment for that university, he was in Warsaw on the weekend prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. From 1989 to 1995, Dr. Bishirjian worked with the head of the Polish section of USIA and associates of Solidarity leader, Lech Walesa, to bring financing and American companies to Poland. That activity, before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, helped chart a course for future investment that has transformed the Polish economy.


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Book:   Conscience and Power. Completion Date: June, 2022.
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