Draining the Swamp

During the next four years American Academy of Distance Learning will track progress made by President Trump in “draining the swamp.”

The call to “Drain the Swamp” has appeal for several reasons including corruption of the conservative movement, concentration of intellectuals who agree that democracy should be fostered around the world and the need for reform of American higher education.

Here are a few essays on these topics:

Drain the Swamp

Give Trump a break!
Give Trump a Break!

The Revolving Door
Cleaning the Swamp

Drain the Swamp
Thank Trump for a New Beginning

Higher Education Reform

Several organizations are devoted to higher education reform
How Bad is Higher Education?

One of the more serious problems is that American colleges and universities no longer educate college students for exercise of their responsibilities as citizens.
The Unmaking of Citizens

Thirteen ways to reform higher education
Trump Higher Education Reforms

Political Correctness at Colorado State University–Ft. Collins
PC at Colorado State University

Corruption of the Conservative Movement

Suicide of the conservative movement
Suicide of the Conservative Movement

Millennials lost to the GOP
Republicans and Millennials

Conservatism as a business
Making money on the Left while being Conservative

Democratic evangelism

Calls for intervention in Syria are remnants of a democratic evangelism that pervades our political classes
Aleppo, How I Love Ya

Trump-The Anti-war Candidate
Trump–The Anti-War Candidate

Marco Rubio and Neoconservatism
Whither Marco Rubio?

Neoconservatives search for Mr. Goodbar
Looking for Mr. Goodbar