Education Reform

The Academy’s program for education reform includes Webcasts with scholars committed to recovery of high standards in higher education, the publication of books that identify the depth of the crisis in American higher education and participation in academic conferences.

Onamerican-higher-edue such book is The Coming Death and Future Resurrection of American Higher Education.  A review of this book by Elizabeth Bittner may be accessed here.

The Academy conducted three webcasts on the topic “Loss of Country.”  Countries can be “lost” by invasion and by changes in the beliefs of members of society.

June 13, 2019,  Washington, DC–The Academy has placed three presentations on the theme “Loss of Country” by  Dr. Richard Bishirjian, Dr. Jack Tierney and Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz. These presentations may be accessed on by going to “American Academy of Distance Learning.”

Dr. Richard Bishirjian: The Artful Recluse. This presentation discusses a recent study by the Asia Society of painting, poetry and politics of 17th Century China.  Dr. Bishirjian argues that American higher education, like the Ming dynasty in 17th century China, was “invaded” by “Progressives” beginning about 1885.

Dr. Jack Tierney: To Lose a Country: France 1940. France lost two and won the middle (1918) but in the last (1940) France, in effect, lost itself, i.e. its “country.” What does the loss of “country” imply and does it occur every time a war is lost?

Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz.  Losing My Country Twice.  Poland was “lost” to Nazi Germany in 1939 and lost to Soviet domination after WW II.   How much has been accomplished during the 28 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union and how much more needs to be done for Poland to fully recover?

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