Ennobling Encounters

Ennobling Encounters

My life has been enriched by the many noble persons I have met and who influenced me. I’m pleased to announce that my next book will introduce you to some of the men I met during my professional life. That period in time coincided with the early years of the conservative “movement” in America.

I had become a political conservative after the 1960 defeat of Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential election and upon completion of my Freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh, I was an intern at Human Events on Capitol Hill.

There I joined a handful of young conservatives, including a young 17 year old Virginian, Ken Tomlinson, and Bill Shulz, who later became editors at Reader’s Digest.  M. Stanton Evans would give talks about American government and that Summer, Human Events conducted its first Political Action conference at the Mayflower Hotel. Henry Regnery invited me to work in his Regnery Publishing Company booth and I learned about his dedication to “the movement.” This last year, I purchased Henry Regnery’s Memoirs of a Dissident Publisher and read these words about one of his authors, Max Picard:

            Picard felt strongly that one of the things lacking

           in modern life is the true encounter–people see and

          talk to each other but do not really encounter one

          another; the one gives nothing of himself to the other.

That has motivated me to share my memories about the persons whom I encountered in the belief that the few noble souls we encounter in life are definitive in shaping our beliefs and our humanity. 

Look for Ennobling Encounters at En Route Books in May!

Chapter 1      Henry Regnery, E. Victor Milione, Russell Kirk

Chapter 2      William F. Buckley, Jr., Frank Meyer

Chapter 3      F. Clifton White, Barry Goldwater

Chapter 4      Stanley Parry, Gerhart Niemeyer

Chapter 5      Eric Voegelin

Chapter 6      Arthur J. Finkelstein

Chapter 7      John William Corrington

Chapter 8      Paul Weyrich

Chapter 9      Arthur Laffer

Chapter 10.  Angelo Codevilla