Interviews & Presentations

Conservative Scholars who Write Novels A Discussion via Zoom April 13, 2021

Civil Unrest and the Administrative State

Interview with Kevin Derby at Florida Daily, October 4, 2020

Conservative Leader, Educator Richard Bishirjian Focuses on Politics, Redemption in New Novel

Loss of Country: China 1644, Institute of World Politics, June 13, 2019

Cultural Decline, Higher Education and the Internet
Regional Meeting of the Philadelphia Society, Indianapolis, Indiana
October 24, 2009

Dick Bishirjian was Founding President and Professor of Government at Yorktown University from 2000-2016. In this free-wheeling conversation, Dr. Bishirjian outlines the future of online education and the best practices of virtual learning he has discovered over many years of successful virtual classrooms.

Dick Bishirjian on the Future of Online Education, August 18, 2020